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Dan Tarrence




Green Edge portfolios. Green your investment portfolio. Clean Tech. Clean Energy. Energy Efficiency. Decarbonization. Advisor. Investor. Angel. Green Edge portfolios newsletter: ✍🏼 Free newsletter at: 🌲 Address the Climate Crisis 💵 Encourage our youth to invest responsibility 🤝 Stand up for Diversity and Inclusion including Autism@Work 🌊 Impact investing ⚡️ Electric car driver ⚽️ University D3 Soccer team and… 🎳 Bowling team (UW-Whitewater) 👨‍🎓 MBA, Arizona State University 🇺🇸 Electric vehicles, charging, batteries, lidar, fuel cells, solar, and energy transition. Impact investing. ✅ Board member and Treasurer, MindShift ✅ Ex-Board member, Midwest Energy Research Consortium 🌵Favorite day of week: Monday. 🎤 Amateur stand-up comedy 331820 🚴🏼‍♂️ Peloton handle DTfromGB ☀️ ✍🏼 email: [email protected] GB = Green Bay, Wisconsin (live in Milwaukee) and 🌵Mid-Century Home in Tucson, AZ VRBO