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My background and playground is at the intersection of sports, finance, and tech with a focus for innovation. 🚀Builder 🔌Connector 📲 Consumer Marketplaces 🔦 Power to People Technologies Harlem 🌱 | Miami 📍 | Los Angeles 🛰 1st Qtr of Life: 🏀 Former D1 Hooper - helped your kids jump out their seats and stay out those Philly streets. Also helped Drexel make a few million, shatter records x put up a few banners. ⚡️ Ex-Tesla - helped the team understand how our first mainstream product and services align with customer buying behaviors x motivations through sales engineering, brokering partnerships, and creating cult communities of sustainable-minded rich ppl. 🧩 Ex-Private Equity - helped wage earners become asset earners. Then made sure their wealth lasted longer than they did. 2nd Qtr of Life: 📈 Building ProShark Sports, Inc. product, SKYBOX - An early-stage sports fintech platform that leverages blockchain technology to empower the world's athletes to own the value they create and build independent economies with their fanbases. (Market changing, we’re riding this wave, treat this like a living document) ⏱ Loading.... Things I care about: - Economic Empowerment in sports/culture. - Self-sovereignty in Data/IP. - Bringing Humanity to the field of sports. - Legacy Building with my tribe. - I’m in the business of being Black*. (*Double entendre - profits/purpose) - Solving for displacement in gentrified neighborhoods. For buzz words sake: #NFTs #DAOs #SocialTokens #NIL #SportsBusiness #DataMonetization #Marketplaces #BLM #Profits&Purpose Let’s connect if we vibe: 📱 646-708-2983