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Deborah Saks




◾️Executive Coach/Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner/Speaker/Author 🟥 Do you lead others? I am a seasoned business leader, executive coach and Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner for leaders in organizations of all sizes. I help leaders thrive and stay resilient in today’s world of constant change and disruption. ♦️♦️SPECIAL OFFER- - Free 1 hour consults: “Strategies for leading with empathy, agility and resilience in a world of disruption” Email to sign up at: [email protected] About me: 🔑Passionate about elevating the consciousness in our world 🔑Unique combo of ex-corporate executive and metaphysician 💡I combine contemporary and ancient wisdom to help leaders be their best self every day, regardless of circumstances 💡Utilize leadership excellence practices, neuroscience, mindfulness, and Heartmath to help leaders work through leadership issues, barriers, blockages and baggage 💡Certified Bioenergy Balancing practitioner for those special leadership clients who want to bust through leadership or personal issues by enhancing chakras, meridians and clearing energy fields 🎭Diversity-Equity-Inclusion champion Connect with me on LinkedIn: Website: Lights On Leaders “Building a world where leaders always take the high road”