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Dr.Vivian Rodriguez




Curvy Style & Fitness Content Creator Educational Psychologist, Ed.D🧠🍏 Afro🇩🇴Latina 🇩🇴❤️ ⚡️ Watch my weekly Friday Night Live on Amazon Live ⚡️👇🏾 Sign up for email list for shopping updates and content without an algorithm 👉🏾 _________________________ @LivbyViv IG, TikTok & Pinterest Site: Podcast Host - Don’t Mix In 🎙📻 Mom 👦🏽👩🏽‍🦱 & Wife 📍 Los Angeles, CA If Jackie Brown & Brene Brown had a baby, that would be me 😁! _________________________ FEATURED IN 📣 💥Hulu Docuseries “Acentos Bienvenidos” 💥CNN Español 💥Parents Latina _________________________ ABOUT ME 👩🏽‍🦱: Started my blog after my 40th birthday 🎂 to carve out something for myself. Also, to share style for Curves! Inspiring style for Midsize Women 👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏼 And leading in Mental Health - I get to Support Students & Families in Schools! 🤩 “I’m the generator of my own JOY” _________________________ BRANDS 🤝 I’VE WORKED WITH & PROJECTS: Google, Target, Spotify, Pinterest, Amazon, Spanx, Fabletics, eSalon, Banana Republic Factory, DevaCurl, Urban Outfitters, SheaMoisture _________________________ MY CONTENT ✍🏾📸 🎙 Affordable Style for Midsize & Curves Think of as the Pinterest for Midsize & Curves 🙋🏾‍♀️ Topics for Independent Women 💪🏾 Mental Health “Show up fully for yourself so you can show up for everyone else” _________________________ WHY I’M HERE LEARN, SHARE, CONNECT, & To be part of something BIGGER than myself & spark JOY 🤸🏾✨ Available for podcasting and co-moderating 🎙 _________________________ CONNECT 🔌 💻 Don’t Mix In 🎙podcast Pinterest 📌 Livbyviv 🔗