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Dr.Tina J. Ramsay




Dr. Tina J. Ramsay’s determination and zeal for life come from her inborn will to fight for others. After her near-death experiences and various hardships in her life over the years. After having a stroke at 25 years old, that left her partially paralyzed with amnesia. Yet, she operates and moves on purpose, especially when God Blessed her to be able to walk and regain most of her memory again. So, Dr. Tina uses her life as a testimony to inspire you to dream big again and never give up. Dr. Ramsay and her team are determined and purposeful in helping entrepreneurs tap into their full potential through podcasting and the media. In addition to being an overcomer, she's an International Speaker, Instructor, and Author. Dr. Ramsay is proud to be the CEO of, a Safe Haven Podcasting Network on IMDb that reaches 350 Million Global Listeners in over 50+ Countries. Our podcasters create positive impactful content. Dr. Tina has 25 years of experience in the Educational Industry, with her focal point of assisting parents and children with Special Needs. Dr. Ramsay used her wealth of knowledge to create The Homeschooling Interactive Magazine to ease the stress associated with homeschooling by providing resources and support for its readers. In addition, she is the Co-Founder of one of the Largest Homeschooling Communities on Facebook, with over 11,000 Homeschooling parents and a combined network of 25,000 Homeschooling Parents worldwide. Since 2015, Dr. Ramsay has served several companies, organizations, and brands as a Media Relations Specialist, Ambassador, and Communication Consultant, creating Impactful, Informative, and Positive Media for clients. Additionally, Dr. Tina J. Ramsay is the Executive Producer, Host, and Creative Director for several podcasts, including The Tina Ramsay Show, ranked #3 in the Top 100 Podcasters Worldwide Charts by listeners. Join CTR Media Network Today!! ✅Become a Sponsor ✅ Go on a CTR Media Network Virtual Tour. ✅Become a Podcaster on our Network 🎯Connect and follow CTR Media Network Podcasters on Social Media 🎯Website- Check out our additional Services: 🎙CTR Media Network-Start a Podcast and Monetize It. 🎥 Commerical Slots ⭐️ Interviews & more Instagram: @homeschoolinginteractivemag @drtinajramsay @ctrmedianetwork 14K Followers