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Dr.Tina J. Ramsay




Dr. Tina J. Ramsay (h.c) is a distinguished 4x Best Selling International Author and Community Leader, serving as the CEO of CTR Media Network and CTR Cares Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. She is the visionary Founder of CTR Homeschooling and Co-Founder of a thriving homeschooling community with over 23,000 parents. She created CTR Homeschooling to help parents destress the homeschooling process and provide support. With 25 years of educational expertise multiple certifications, and two Honorary Doctorates in Humanities and Pop Cultural Studies, Dr. Ramsay is also a KBB University Business School graduate. Dr. Ramsay actively contributes to various community organizations and excels as a Media Executive, Business Promoter & Media Leverage Coach for KBB University, and Homeschooling Consultant. As a Certified Special Needs Educator, she is renowned for advocating for home-based learning and Autism Awareness. As a Global Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur, Dr. Ramsay's impact reverberates worldwide, as evidenced by her features on major networks and publications such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and Yahoo Finance. Her podcast, The Tina Ramsay Show, is a 2x award-nominated series with over 200 episodes, ranking in the top 2% of the most popular podcasts globally. Driven by her passion for education and positive media, CTR creates a safe space for entrepreneurs and podcasters to learn, grow and build brand awareness of their ventures reaching CTR's vast global reach of 350,000,000 Households Worldwide through the power of podcasting, media, streaming TV, magazines, and more. Connect by calling our toll-free global number πŸ“ž 1-877-287-6552 ⬅️ 😊 Ext 800 for DrTina J. Ramsay πŸŽ™οΈ Ext 801 for CTR Media Network πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ« Ext 802 for CTR Homeschooling πŸ’Ό Ext 803 for CTR Cares Inc 501c3 Nonprofit ⭐️ Ext 804 for Customer Service CTR Media Network is an Edutainment podcast and TV network offering compelling and impactful content designed to fuel your business, entertain you, and enrich your life. ​​ Through our extensive network, CTRMN empowers content creators, podcasters, and entrepreneurs by expanding their visibility across social media, television, and podcasts. ​Ready to elevate your brand's visibility worldwide with CTRMN across social media, TV, and podcasts? Check us out our services at: Follow us: Facebook: @ctrmedianetwork Instagram: @ctrmedianetwork YouTube @ctrmedianetwork