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Dr. Shauntazia Shorter




I am Shauntazia Shorter, the manifestation of peace and blessings earned with every lesson learned. I was designed to birth and rear a new nation of leaders, thinkers, strivers, and survivors. My mission is to teach others to embrace their dreams and discover the best version of themselves--a version without flaws and possessing all power. Because of my mission, obstacles dissipate effortlessly when I connect with my source and sense of purpose. ​ I survived generational trauma and healed myself through art, education, spiritual self-discovery, and mentorships. As an alchemical healer, I teach people like me to do the same. ​ As a public school educator with a background in Literacy, Curriculum and Instruction, Exceptional Education (EE), Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), and Leadership, I quickly realized that our children and their families need real solutions to daily issues that supercede education. I have taken my skills and created programming that meets families where they are, and takes them where they want to be. ​ I connect with students and parents who find themselves at the intersections of trauma, poverty, and gentrification battling on all fronts, and I show them what it looks like to not just survive but thrive because I have been there too. I show them that you can be different, educated, and successful.