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Dr Ro Schmidt




Management & Ministry expert amplifying others through my writing, teaching, speaking, and preaching. 💙 WHAT I DO ✍🏾CEO of Truth with Grace Consulting 👩🏾‍🏫 Professor* (Business) 🎤International Speaker 🗣 Pastoral Intern 📚National Best-Selling author 🎙 Podcast host of Uncovering Truth with Grace 👉🏾Get my free e-book “19 Nuggets on How to Lead with Truth & Grace”. Text “truthwithgrace” to 651 371-9287!📚 👉🏾 Buy my books on Amazon or an autographed copy at WHAT I TEACH* (on hiatus) Primarily all things business including: management, finance, marketing, strategic planning, & project management SERVANT LEADERSHIP 🙌🏾 Founder of 501c3 No More C.R.A.P. - nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthen minority families by preventing suicide, child abuse, and kidnapping. 🕊 🙏🏾🦋 inspired by & to honor my forever in heaven 18 year old Giovanni - 📖 Proverbs 31:8 mom WHERE I’M FROM 🍊Daytona Beach, FL (born & raised) ❄️ freezing & living in Minnesota 🔥Florida girl in a Midwest world JOYFUL ENDEAVORS ✈️ missionary work 📖 lifelong learner 🧩 autism, mental, & public health advocate 🔵 prevention of child abuse, domestic abuse, kidnapping, and suicide advocate 📚bookaholic - Biblical, historical, self-help 🏀🏐⚽️🏃🏾mom of D1, D2, & D3 champion athletes 📺 featured in & on MTV, The New York Times, ESPN, USA Today, & The Washington Post WAYS TO GET HELP | GIVE BACK 🔵800 273-TALK (8255)-suicidal 🟤800 THE-LOST (843-5678 -kidnapping 🔴800 4-A-CHILD -(422-4453) -child abuse 🟣800 799-SAFE-domestic violence 🟢804 377-3580-organ donor | recipient ✅ yes as donor on your drivers license 🟠612 861-1688 -autism resources 🟡763 504-2919-feed starving children (globally) UPCOMING & EPIC CLUBHOUSE EVENT - April 9, 2022 💙💚 In honor of my forever 18-year old Giovanni in heaven JOIN ME ON CH ✔️Uncovering Truth with Grace Club (founder) Thursdays 6pm CST ✔️Organ Donors & Recipients Club💙💚 (co-founder) 🍳 Breakfast w/ Champions 🌞The Millionaire Breakfast Club BOOK ME | LETS HELP ONE ANOTHER ✍🏾🗳 For collaborations, consulting service inquiries, brand partnerships, podcast sponsorships, or speaking engagement requests. please email: [email protected]. $DrRoSchmidt -cash app CONNECT WITH ME👇🏾 🌐: FB: LinkedIn: 🎙 🎵TikTok @drroschmidt