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🩺 The Emotion Dr. 👩🏼‍⚕️🧬 📚 Author of “The UnBecoming.” 📍Cleveland, OH 🇺🇸 🌐 DM me the word “Emotional” to become part of my FREE online “Writing through Emotions” Series dedicated to improving emotional health & well-being Educational Psychologist - Ph. D.|📚Author “The Unbecoming”|👩‍🏫Professor |🧬 Bridging Science & Spirituality |🌅Emotion Researcher |🔥Holy Fire® Reiki Master| 🙏 Namaste, I’m Dr. Renée, an intuitive and educational Psychologist, working somewhere between the ancestral realm and epigenetic healing to deconstruct fear, limiting beliefs, and inter- and trans-generational wounding. Essentially, I help you create a new relationship with your emotions. ♣️ Club Founder ✳️ The Emotion Club ✳️ Feel, Heal & Illuminate 🖤|Melanoma Survivor 🌠|Creator - The Unbecoming Healing™️ Method 🌟|Expert in Emotional Wellness and Social and Emotional Learning 👩‍🏫|Educator - LeBron James Family Foundation School of Education 🌸|Pronouns - She/Hers 📚|Author “The Unbecoming: A Journey Within.” 💥|CEO - Global Goddess Mission 👩‍👧‍👦|Goddess Mommy of 2 Tweens 👧🏼 (12) and 👦🏻 (10) 😇|Angelic Channeler Order My Book 👇 Visit My Website 🌐