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DrOneeka Williams




Every day I get out of bed I resolve to live the unlimited version of myself! I say Not Today, Negativity! to any limiting voices or people including my own!!!! Recently released/ Amazon #1 Bestseller-Not Today, Negativity! 5 Habits of Positivity to Cope, Hope and Be Well in Tough Times. 🗣I’m a spunky surgeon 🌟award winning author🌟storyteller🌟teacher 🌟positivity catalyst 🌟whose mission is to use the power of story to help girls and women defeat negativity so that they can achieve whole health , pursue their dreams and live a life without limits. 🩺MD/ MPH / Honorary Doctorate / Urologic Surgeon/ Award Winning Children’s Book Author/ Boy Mom/ Wife/ STEM Educator 📚Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo-SuperSurgeon on the Go Book Series ➕5 Habits of Positivity 🔭 Empowering Girls in STEAM 📚 Diversity in Children’s Books 🧸Positive Parenting ✒️ Power of Story in Healing 🎗Redefining SUPER for women to walk in their true power 🩺 Working to decrease Health Disparities 🩺 Female Bladder Health Expert 🧘🏽‍♀️ SelfCare Champion 🇬🇾🇧🇧 Caribbean Queen 🌺💃🏽 SocaMD 🗣Motivational Speaker- Les Brown Hungry to Speak program 💥Creative “Not Even The Sky Is The Limit”