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Dr. Nathalie Martinek




|Narcissism Hacker |Conflict Analyst & Strategist |Relationship Coach |Medical Culture Researcher |Activism Burnout & Bullying Prevention |Empathy Preservation |Healthtech App Co-founder |Healing Facilitator |Little Book of Assertiveness Author |PhD 🇦🇺 📍Join the Hacking Narcissism club 🩺 Trainer, coach & mentor for medical professionals & therapists on relational skills to build effective therapeutic relationships with patients, buffer against the dehumanising system & preserve empathy. ⚔️Conflict analyst and strategist guiding health professionals to navigate toxic medical culture that contribute to moral injury & assimilation trauma. 🧿 Healing practitioner & coach exposing hidden factors and root causes behind suffering to facilitate healing and liberation from status quo. ⚒️Lover of disrupting, dismantling and dissolution of narcissistic relationships, institutions and systems. 🎓My qualifications & experience include: 🔬|PhD in Developmental & Systems Biology (ex-cancer scientist) 🥷|Mediation & Conflict Resolution ⭕|Group facilitation, group dynamics and coaching 🧠|Reflective Practice & Supervision 🧿 |Healing modalities incl. Kabbalah healing Born 🇨🇦 Live 🇦🇺 Ethnicity 🇲🇦✡️