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Premise: 1. If it’s fun, I’m doing it. (& the reverse is true) 2. 🤗everyone could use an occasional 🤗 hug 🫂 ❤️💙🧡 Professional Overview: I run a Non-profit organization I am a researcher I am a published author of books, music and film Purpose: Feeding the homeless Using creative arts to give voice to trauma Passion: I ❤️ BAKING and GIVING bread 🍞 🥖 I LOVE HELPing unsheltered persons who LIVE on the streets (see footage) Please Donate: To FUND specific projects visit: Or CashApp: $arualcat —————————————————— MORE STUFF: Download jazz music @: HTTPS:// HTTPS:// Shameless RELATIONSHIP I love 💕💕💕 God! SPORTS 🏈Go NE Patriots Life is a game. Play well! EDUCATION 🎓Doctorate of Business Administration in Information Systems, Specialty: Disruptive Technology in Music & Media Distribution Academic Career: 🎓Dissertation Chair | Methodology | IRB Journal Article Reviewer for Int’l Institute of Informatics & Systemics Professional Career: Business Analyst | Data Scientist |Programmer| Consultant >15 yrs College Professor: 20+ yrs Musician: since 4 yrs old Clifton’s Strengths: Relational | Strategic |Activator | Ideation | Futuristic