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Dr.Kayanne McDermott




🌿 Naturopathic Consultant --> I help professional men, women & groups overcome health imbalances by focusing on working with your Gut first. Most dis-eases begins in the GUT! My approach: -->Genetic Analysis (Nutrigenomics) -->Food Inflammation Test -->Food as medicine -->lifestyle modifications -->Nutritional supplements -->Herbs 🔆Specialties: High blood pressure, Diabetes, Weight Loss Management, Stress management, Digestive issues, Hormone imbalance, pain management, Overall Wellness 👩🏽‍🏫 Education only. 🚫 No Treatment protocols given here. 🚫Clubhouse doesn't indicate doctor-patient relationship but we can start one. 🙂 🌐 📲 : 347-433-5076 Social media: FB: True Vine Wellness llc 💻 Virtual consults DM me to ask about my Detox Program.