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Pulmonary/critical care/internal medicine MD Special interest in interventional pulmonary and immunology as it pertains to the lungs. I have a passion for teaching immunology and how autoimmune disease effects our body. Yes, I’ve done/do some stuff. But honestly, who cares? It’s about being “daddy” and a husband. All this other stuff is for fun University of Iowa Carver College on Medicine (Hawkeyes BIG 10) alum ‘09 Board Certifications (3 of them) ABIM internal medicine ABIM pulmonary ABIM critical care I mean this. Iowa was the best thing to ever happen to this California boy. YouTube: Medicine Deconstructed Peloton: drjrutland If it looks like I’m in a room, maybe even moderating but not talking/responding I can guarantee I’m on @onepeloton or in the garage gym staying right.