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Dr. Johnette




I enhance the professional credibility of mid-executive level career women. 💥CEO & Founder, Liberated Expressions 💥Founder, The Professional Oasis 💥Author, When the Bow Breaks 💥Adjunct Professor What I do: Teach women 👩🏽 how to Create pathways to professional freedom. Gain professional clarity and confidence. Assess/articulate their professional value Services: 🔸Career Coaching 🔸Resume Strategy Support 🔸Prof. Development Workshops 🔸Speaker/Facilitator/Moderator NEW: Professional Oasis/Apply today! ————————————————- In my “free time”: I write 📚. Check out “When the Bow Breaks” and “Quarantine Queens: The Stories of Forward Thinking Women Entrepreneurs During the COVID-19 Pandemic” (contributing author) on Amazon. I’m a natural hair stylist and advocate. View my portfolio on FB @L-Express. ————————————————— I believe women are powerhouses! ⚡️ Like solar, wind, geothermal energy, and hydropower, women are their own energy source. Our womb gives us the ability to give birth, not to children in all cases, but birth to dreams. We are creators!!💨🌞💧= 👩🏽👱‍♀️🧕👩‍🦰 Connect with me at LinkedIn @johnetteruffner-ceaser/