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Nicoline Douwes Isema




Dream specialist. Loves to sleep. 💡 bring unconscious intelligence to light 🤔 brainstorm in your sleep ✨ connect intuition to rational thinking 😴 wake up with new ideas 👻 find meaning in dreams ⏰ get smarter by sleeping in #dreamstorm The brain in REM sleep is hardwired to freely associate in unexpected ways. While this may make dreams seem crazy and illogical, it’s also the most uninterrupted super-brainstorm you’re capable of. And then we wake up, decide it was all a dream, and throw our work away. Personally, I feel this is a mistake. Sleeping and dreaming is untapped resource that we can use for our benefit. Sleep might be your best thinking time. In the scientific world, people started calling dreams ‘sleep mentation' or 'unconscious intelligence'. So is sleep a waste of time? I think not! I think it’s a great tool to wake up with creative ideas, and get insights from dreams. And as a side effect, feel rested all day. About me: [Nee-co-lee-nuh] 🤝15+ years of experience in 1:1 coaching, lectures, media performances, and workshops 🔶 focused on creativity, inspiration and personal development 🔬 reading up on the latest dream research 📖 author of the book ‘Wat heb jij gedroomd vannacht’ on how to interpret your own dreams (in Dutch) ❗️coach, not a therapist 🇳🇱 🏖 living by the beach in The Netherlands 🇨🇭 I often dream of the Swiss mountains 🇬🇷 sometimes I dream of sailing in Greece 🇺🇸 I may sound American but I am actually Dutch 😊 As a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), I follow their ethical guidelines. 🌐Find my blogs about the dreaming brain, sleep and creativity on ✴️Note: I see dreams as highly personal. For a thorough exploration I work together with a client for about an hour. Therefore, I can’t ethically tell you here on the app what a dream means. Let me also stress that what I say on this app is for general educational information purposes and discussion only, not a replacement for therapy, coaching or medical advice.