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🎤 I ask you, will your last words be:”If I only had” Hello I’m Frank Soonius I’m the author of the book”Trapped in a Dream “ Never lose your drive. My book will help people who are dissatisfied with the life they are living, to create a life they truly want to live, through a unique 6 step program, where you will discover your true passion & purpose to feel more fulfilled and alive. (Reset mindset button) 📕For me as being high sensitive, writing this book was a lot of tears and mixed emotions, but I had to finish this book and share my message. I missed all my deadlines. But my publisher forgive me. It was against all odds that I would ever finish this journey, but I did, and now I will be proud. This book is aimed to helping others to grow, and I hope and pray that my incredible story will be the key to unlocking the doors for everybody who is not living their dream.That dream that fits you and picked you. ⚠️ I want to warn you, when you start reading my book, you can’t stop and your life will never be the same anymore, I promise you👊👊 It ‘s an edge-of-your-seat story combined with a wish message for changing your life”Trapped in a Dream ;Never Lose Your Drive”is a guide for everyone to find their own purpose.To tap into their truth: To think positively. To gain balance in your life and to find your real dream, for it can be an inner strength that will set you on the path to improving your own life and that of others. For more FB # Trapped in a Dream. You can now order my book, if you want to know how, see my Instagram, or send me an email 🇳🇱 📕 Self/help, Self/growth and Happiness Book 🗝. 🎤 Inspirational/Motivational keynote speaker. ✅ Dream-Driver (reset mindset coach) 🏀🎾 Professional Trainer/Coach 🔔 Follow The Dream Driver Club ❤️ Practicing An Attitude of Gratitude 🕸 📧 E-mail [email protected]. My book will give you the right heart, that fits your dream, to live your dream life with purpose and passion, to leave a legacy. Thanks Gerry Robert🙏 My speaking coach Andy Harrington and Les Brown, you are the best👊 My life saver and inspiration , mentor Nick Vujicic, who told me, that it now was my morale obligation to write this book and public it.❤️🙏 Robert Jr and Bobby Schuller from Hour of Power for making my dream come true. 👊👊🙏❤️ Let’s make the world a better place, let s do this together 👊👊Love you all❤️