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🔮🧞I help high achieving creatives design and manifest their dream lives so they can LIVE them! Facebook.Com/groups/unstoppabledreaming Wife.Mother.Mentor 🎨 The Dream Design Coach 🧲Master Manifestress 💡Neuro-Energetics Master Practitioner 📚 Best selling author ⭐️ Intuitive Empath 👑 Quantum Queen 🖤 💫You have to know what you desire before you can manifest it. It’s time to start designing your dream life so you can live it.💫 Cofounder of Club KNEXT with @joe_ingram and @leeduke 🔮 Manifestation 🎨Creating your Dream Life 🧞‍♀️ The Law of Attraction 🧠 NLP, EFT, Time Techniques 👶 Homeschooling mom of 5 🐩 mom 🐈 mom 🇮🇱 Jewish “AmyLee is a life changer. If you are willing to put in your work she will guide you to unstoppable success. - Miriam Bostick “AmyLee has helped me to unleash my confidence! She has the ability to reveal your strengths to you and to guide you on the journey to reaching your highest potential. - Sheila Hay Let’s Connect on Instagram 👇💬 Want my free Scripting Exercise that I use to manifest everything I want? DM me *SCRIPTING* Want my Empath Elixir e-book that will help you crush life as an empath? DM me *ELIXIR*