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William Andre Buchanan




*️⃣ Dre - Angel Investor (Media,Tech, CPG) *️⃣ Producer/Film Finance/Fundraise/EP *️⃣ LP In One Fund *️⃣ Branding, Marketing & Advertising Exec *️⃣ Scale Brands to $1M+ Sales to Billions *️⃣ Raised $1M+ crowdfund. 75% success rate *️⃣ ex Electrical Engineer turned CEO & CFO *️⃣ Foodie, Food-Master 🌮🍕 🍷🥂🍸 *️⃣ Sweetaholic & Snack-Master, Snack-Addict. 🍡🍪 Leveraging my network to help companies & myself to grow. DONE investing for the year! I think! Friends call me Dre or Dre Buchanan. Also that old dude that didn’t want to sign on yet another app network. I can’t keep up 😂😂. Son of two veterans. Definitely NOT the smartest guy in the room so I hang with smarter people. Some Influencer & Celebrity branding. Reside in Chicago & LA. Chi-town Raised me. My main accomplishments is to have helped or inspire other individuals & companies to achieve thru marketing & growth strategies with a combined multi billion dollar sales generated track record. Out of music retirement soon too. POP UP Cash Giveaway king for small business on CH. Paying it forward. If you receive cash app, Zelle or PayPal from me, stop by & say thanks or hello. Somebody (Onebody) will send me money one day!! My 💵 is $WillBInvestments