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Dr Doug Firebaugh




“WHO YOU ARE will determine WHERE YOU ARE on The Millionaire Road.” 🔥 How can I serve You? ⭐️ Had a home business right out of University. Spent 16 years building and co-leading a huge Network Marketing team, and the last 19 years fulltime speaking, training, writing, recording, consulting, and coaching Top Home Business Teams and Leaders and those who aspire to be - as well as own other businesses as an Entrepreneur 🔥 Christian 🔥 Husband. 🔥 Father. 🔥 Author. 🔥 Speaker. 🔥 Trainer / Coach 🔥 Marketplace Ministry Step 1 – Tap FOLLOW ⚡️ Step 2 – Tap the BELL 🛎 Step 3 - DM me on Facebook or IG or [email protected] – let’s connect. 💥 ⚡️FREE FB Home Business Training group: WealthFuel Nation - Fuel Your EXTRAORDINARY - and Wealth. 👆 Here to SERVE - All have ever done. Helping Networkers and Teams with every single aspect of building a 7 Figure Network Marketing Home Business and Life - having helped thousands of Entrepreneurs globally do exactly that 🔥 Has been in Network Marketing for 34 years and has produced and catalyzed Billions in Network Marketing Volume online and offline first with the team we had - then training / coaching impacting Direct Selling distributors worldwide. 🔥 CEO and Co-Founder of – Home Business Training member site for online / offline to accelerate building a 7 Figure Home Business, 7 Figure Income, and 7 Figure Life. 🔥 The Last 10 Network Marketing Teams Doug trained and coached in 2020 – 8 of them became the Fastest Growing teams in their companies in 2020. 🔥 The last 10 Network Marketers private coached in 2020- all achieved minimum the top 15 in their perspective companies - 2 in the top 5 -One became #1 earner and all achieved for first time. 🔥Has coached and trained 50 # 1 earners. 🔥 Radio talk show host for the Millionaire Road Radio Show broadcast on AM & FM stations Mon-Fri- across the country in Top 50 markets for almost 6 years with Doug ending it in early 2020 - NOW on The Millionaire Road PODCAST. 🔥 Board Member Social Networking Association 💰Asset Acceleration, Strategic Investment Practices, and Personal Wealth Development. ⭐️ Interests: God, family, business, success, wealth, personal development, marketing, social media, sales, writing, leadership, copywriting, sports, networking. Let’s Connect—for a FREE “Chain Breaker Coaching Session” - reach out to me. [email protected]