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🔥🔥 Thank you Clubhouse for over 2022 Souls Saved and gave their lives to JESUS on this app. Dr. Delaine - Close real estate Deals & WIN souls In 👠👠. ✅ Cash app…….$ ❇️ PAYPAL........ ❇️ [email protected] 👠To book me contact: Evangelist Michelle Timmons 👠 Realtor for 20+ years 👠 Retired Real Estate Investigator -21 Years with the State of Florida 👠Pastor & Evangelist for 20+ years 👠President-Preach PRETTY Preacher 🛑 My Real estate comments are NOT financial advise or tax advice but merely 20 years as a realtor in Florida, who is a multi-million dollar producer annually. Please consult a CPA or an Attorney. 🛑 My presence in a CH room is not an endorsement of the content, topic or the other speakers.