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David Evans




David W. Evans / PIC TV Network! *TV Network Owner *Mentor *Global Vision Leader *Business Owner * PIC TV Network Founder The PIC TV Network On Roku As of January 2023, Roku reported a total of around 70 million monthly active users worldwide. This figure is the company's highest monthly active user total of all time, as the userbase increased by nearly 20 million in just two years Reaching people all over the World! Be On The PIC TV Network Channels Showcase your Books, Music, Talk Show, Movies, Comedy, Poems, Stage Play, Fitness, Food, Sports, Healthcare, Money 411, Life Coach, Inspiration, Medical Speakers, Musician Room, Teenage Mentor, Job Fair, Actors Tip, Beautiful Makeup, International TV Virtual Spotlight & Many More Channels. FOR MORE PIC INFORMATION GIVE PIC TV DONATION Donation Support; CALL 202-505-2837 Email:[email protected] Mailing Information P.O. Box 55O Clinton, Maryland 20735 PIC TV Network Direct Line 202-505-2837 WWW.WATCHPICTV.COM ealpl