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*Founder/Director of Ultimate Marketing LLC I’ve been doing marketing over 30 years. People invest with me in three categories. —————————- . Consulting . Physical products . Digital products —————————- I am also a: *Father *Author *Speaker *Innovator *Creative master *Dynamic Revelation expert ——————————————————— * I help people become celebrated, known, and stand out by becoming an author, celebrated speaker and the ultimate entrepreneur on any platform as well as consult to fill any holes in their profit bucket. Learn how to advance your business by connecting with people you want to connect with. *contact info: [email protected] or leave a message at my Beverly Hills, California phone number : 310-361-1735 *Free Hardcore Examples: I’ll send you a direct mail piece that can generate thousands of dollars, a copy of my one-of-a-kind interactive books even a tell all video explaining how I’ve helped business owners, entrepreneurs and doctors become authors, experts and successful so more people will invest in your services. _______________________________________ *I have helped people who have never written a book to promote themselves and once that’s done (in less than one week) you have the ultimate business card and transformational mechanism. *You can share your goals and aspirations with an interactive picture and video enhanced book. *You’ll also be shown how to get people to view your book and read it immediately via a handwritten book. ——————————————————— As a client I reveal tactics that make you superior with a unique, picture related written book, so make sure you connect with me via my email with the subject line: I want the real deal Doc. That will start the conversation. ——————————————————— Create ultimate connection tools. * Promote yourself while making money at the same time *Let people know who you really are! *Discover your real passion through my proprietary process *People will know who you are, what you do and how you can make a difference in their lives. ...Contact me today - via text - or via ZOOM!