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📺TV Producer & Talk Show Host 📚Bestselling Book Publisher & Coach 👩🏽‍💻I help women restart, redefine, and revolutionize their lives 🤔The world’s only Meologist 🦋 Released from Rejection from birth 🎤 Speaker 💻 Online Courses 🧳 President of Message to the Nations Non-Profit ✅ Do you feel stuck? ✅ Do you keep repeating the same negative behavior? ✅ Do you want to get to the root of your problem? ✅ Do you want to discover what is missing in your life? ✅ Do you want to discover how to Create the Life and Business of your Dreams? If you answered Yes Please connect me: 👉 👉 My books on Amazon 👉 Check out my TV Show “Revolutionize My Life”on Showing on Roku, Amazon Fire and AppleTV 😃 Dr. Brenda has over 45 years of experience in speaking, teaching, and coaching 2000+ people in over 35 different countries. Clients have included physicians, actors, professors, professionals, entrepreneurs, and prison inmates. ❤️Through Dr. Stratton's teaching, speaking, books, coaching, and online classes, many of her clients have found freedom from past hurts, rejections, abuse, toxic relationships, and unforgiveness. They have found success by focusing on their destiny, thus realizing financial improvement. They truly have "Created the Life and Business of their Dreams." 🦋Are you ready to get started in Revolutionizing your life? Then sign up for a 30 minutes complimentary session by going to Get ready to change your life!!