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Dr Andree




🤖Artificial Intelligence strategy expert. ✨Passionate about innovation and Artificial Intelligence. Love love love creating impactful results for our clients.🤖 🚀 If you're looking for something more solid than crossing your fingers and hoping for the best in the new world of AI-powered competitors, I'd love to help you! Email me at [email protected] See examples of our healthcare work here My team and I have done almost 300 AI-powered big tech builds and almost 1,000 winning AI strategies. I have always been forward thinking, with the ability to determine what trends are worthy of attention. That’s how my AI involvement started. I knew even in its infancy that it was game-changing and here to stay. 28 years in healthcare and 18 years in strategic approaches to grow healthcare brands and companies using Math, Tech, FutureTech and Artificial Intelligence. Skills: Conceiving growth strategies for large healthcare organisations (mainly pharmaceutical) and start-up entrepreneurs and alike, early identification of disruptive trends, translating strategy into optimal tech strategic approaches. Current company Healthcare Founder and CEO of Eularis Group Email: [email protected] Previous company Founder and CEO of Mednet Group Follow on 📺 Youtube Helicopter pilot 🚁 Aeroplane pilot 🛫 Maker of beautiful cupcakes 🧁