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I am all things media, tech and pop culture! 📺 Founder and producer, IndieSoup Media - a content network and full service production hub 🎙 Host of MediaScope, Wed. 6pm ET on FB Live, LinkedIn Live, YouTube Live and Gospel 107.1 FM in the Bahamas! 📺 1/2 of the TV Twins on theTV Channeling Podcast (on your fave podcast app) 🎙1/2 of And We’re Live - we run professional live streams and teach live streaming and video production 🦸🏾‍♀️ LeadER, the #BeMoreER Nation! Video series teaming you to make bettER videos and live streams 💻Live Stream and Video producer, director and consultant 🎙Voice over artist 👚Owner/designer - Aku/Akwa Tees ❤️💙 Howard University Alum (HU!You Know!!) 🔺DST 💻📱Intently involved in NFTs, crypto and the metaverse! Who am I? A media professor, filmmaker, media content producer, voice over artist and journalist - and a bunch of other stuff 😉. A complete chic geek and part time Whovian. Passionate about helping you to Be. More. ER. with your video and live streaming game. On the other side of everything going on, we need to be bettER with everything we do 😌 Where am I? -media and more Instagram- @dr_tachi LinkedIn - Chetachi Egwu, Ph.D. Facebook @mediascope16 YouTube - Dr. Tachi Twitter - @tachiada Poshmark - @tachiada Did you find value in something I said? Feel free to buy me a coffee at !