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Jessica Obi-Thomas




MEDICAL DOCTOR | FX TRADER 📈📉 HUMANITARIAN🤲🏽 | FARMER 👩🏽‍🌾 FINANCIAL ANALYST 📈📉👩🏽‍💼 PUBLIC SPEAKER🎙 A WALKING GRACE 🙏 ➡️CREATED:- ‘THE SOCIAL PARK’♣️ ⤵️CO FOUNDED:- ➡️INVESTMENT SHARKS ➡️GIVERS LOUNGE ➡️KRUZE KAMPOS Born in 🇳🇬, Living in 🇺🇦 Scorpio queen👑 | 5’11 | Music lover🎤 Rivers🌊 | Anambra state💪🏽 November 21st A Simple, Nigerian, Young Lady trying to make a difference. You should try it!😃 Call me Sister Ekwitos 🙈🙉🙊 I would rather LISTEN more than I SPEAK. I enjoy documentaries, I am always eager to learn new things and I would most likely say a resounding ‘YES’ to an ADVENTURE. The act of HELPING PEOPLE brings me so much peace and fulfillment.😊 As you have stumbled onto my page, I pray I’m able to reach out to your life in one way or another. Thanks for the FOLLOW and WELCOME to the family. 🤗 #INVESTMENTSHARKS🦈 #KRUZE KAMPOS🏢 #GIVERS LOUNGE🤲🏽 #AFL👗 #CREATE WEALTH INTERNATIONAL💰 #SOCCER PRINCE ⚽️ #FINE MEN ASSOCIATION 🧔🏾‍♂️ KINDLY FOLLOW MY CLUBS ‘THE SOCIAL PARK’ AND ‘INVESTMENT SHARKS’ AT THE BOTTOM OF MY PAGE FOR MORE FROM ME🤗❤️ BACKUP IG PAGE- @Jessicablaq101 @The_Social_Park @investment_Sharks1