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Dr.Hayley Nelson




🧠 Neuroscientist, Psychology Professor, and Founder of The Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience (ACBN) ✅ I make neuroscience APPROACHABLE! ❓Do you ever feel like your clients can't get out of their own way❓ 👉🏻 If you’re an individual committed to fostering holistic wellness, promoting solution-focused approaches, and empowering your clients to reach their full potential, join the ranks of elite professionals with the one-of-a-kind continuing education curriculum in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience from ACBN. 🌟Distinguish yourself from others in your field with a unique and comprehensive understanding of the latest research and innovative techniques in the field, and earn a highly respected certification in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience that sets you apart as a true expert in your field. For more info, head over to Instagram @bewellwithdrhayley and DM the word “CERTIFICATION” to be sent info on the certification in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience.🧠 🤩 Continuing Education (CE) Sponsorships now available!!! 🤩 👩‍🎓 My PhD is in Psychological and Brain Sciences from Johns Hopkins University with previous research and faculty appointments at The National Institutes of Health and The University of Pennsylvania. I am a tenured professor of Psychology in Philadelphia 🇺🇸, international speaker, and have several peer-reviewed research publications. I’m also a 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Mommy, wife, entrepreneur, 🤓 proud nerd, ⚓️ world traveler, trauma-informed mental health advocate, peer addiction recovery coach, & LGBTQ Ally 🌈 When I’m not hanging out with my kids or working, you may find me tap dancing, swimming, catching up with friends and family, or watching reality tv.....hey, everyone has a vice 🤣 I’m always looking to network and collaborate so please reach out! I love talking about: · Anything about the BRAIN and Psychology!! · Mental Health and Wellness · Trauma & Stress · Addiction · Motivation and Reward · Gut, Brain, Mood connection · Common Myths and Misconceptions of the Mind & Brain · How the things we do on a daily basis affect our Brain, Body, and Mood · Motherhood · Building a Business · Best Practices in education ....and MUCH more! ✳️Contact me to Co-Host, Mod or book me for a seminar or consultation ⤵️ **** Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok: @bewellwithdrhayley Twitter: @drhayleynelson