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Dr.Francine Hardaway




-ENTP Follow me at [email protected] -Founder of Karma Club. -NFT and crypto investor. Web3 enthusiast and consultant. -Author of "Foster Mom" (Amazon) -Cofounder of Stealthmode Partners, accompanist to entrepreneurs. 20 years and 1600 companies under advisement. Known as helpful. Purveyor of real advice. -Dog lover. -Plant-based. -Wise elder. 3x entrepreneur; one company acquired by Intel. -Writer and PR expert. I have had a long career in helping entrepreneurs get their products to market. Part of it has included traveling around the world coaching and connecting resources together.I've spoken to the VietNam Youth Entrepreneurship Council and judged pitch contests and coached in Uganda, Rwanda, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. I paid for an ashram to buy a cow in India, and sent a boy in Uganda to college. In the US, I've offered courses and coaching to over 1400 entrepreneurs through local municipalities. I also started a foundation called Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation to offer entrepreneurial opportunities to the disadvantaged. My writing has been published on Medium at where I keep the Stealthmode Blog, and