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Dr. Eric Reynolds




I am a coach, consultant, researcher, and catalyzer of a planetary, developmental, and regenerative Humanity! ——————————————— Join Integral Leadership Review and our global network of educators, entrepreneurs, and change makers for transformative dialogues catalysing leadership, consciousness, and regenerative culture! ———————————————- My current 2021 projects are: ❤️ Be a worthy soulmate to a Goddess - @drnatasha ❤️ Be a loving Father of two amazing teen daughters ❤️ Redesign Integral Leadership Review ❤️ Found the Integral Leadership Research Institute ❤️ Found a Regenerative Learning Community with a Transformative Event Center and Nordic Spa ❤️ Connect with YOU!!! ———————————————- LI: FB: My Research: Natasha Mantler’s Research: ———————————————- All human beings, individually, let alone collectively, have abilities which verge on the mythical, magical, miraculous... We know this, and yet pretend it ain't so. Whether in our personal lives, our business lives, or in the far reaches of our multi-dimensional cosmic minds, most of us tend to play it small in a million little ways. This is not because that is the way things are, but simply because that's the way things have been. This collective magic is hiding dormant in each and every one of our individual hearts and minds. So I ask you to consider your own personal heroes. Picture the men and women you look up to in your mind and KNOW that the ONLY thing that makes those people your heroes and not your peers is a lifelong habit, manifest in countless ways, of telling yourself (or believing the yammering of others) that the infinite creative force you feel bubbling up within you is just a dream, a desire to be had, and not the clear yearning of your SOUL to express billions of years of experiential knowing which has culminated in YOU! ————————————————