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The Publishing Pusher. Providing mental wellness-wealth through guidance, products and resources, to develop and 🚀 launch you in authorship 📚, and advance your professional journey. Join my Houses: Holistically Well, Authentic You, JATNE PUBLISHING, Mind Body Spirit, ************************************* The Women’s Wellness Table “Walk & Chat” is Mon-Sat @ 9:00 am EST (Mind Body Spirit) house. ************************************* Holistically Well 🏡 Sunday, 8:00 am EST. ************************************* Jumpstart Your Writing Digital Course. Register at ************************************* Offerings: Self-Publishing Coaching. Jumpstart Your Writing Workshop: ✍️2 Self-Publish Bootcamp; 📚Publishing. Message interest. Publishing Pusher Posse Membership. [email protected] ************************************* Consider coauthoring with me on a book 📚. Faith devotional, marriage, or poetry anthology. Email interest to [email protected]. ************************************ ************************************ 🇪🇹 🇺🇸 Ethiopia/America ************************************* ************************************* ************************************* 💰CEO, JATNE Publishing & Business Services. Coach, HR Specialist, author/coauthor 📚, Book Publisher. IG: jatne_publishing *Order books at ************************************ ************************************ Nonprofit Living Word Int’l Ministry. Mission School in Kakamega Kenya “Victorious Golgatha.” Support our mission. 501(c)3 tax deductible. Donate to: 💰 💰$Livingword06 ********************************** Follow me Sunday mornings with Dr. Annette West, on YouTube at 9:00 am at Dr. Annette West. Can view, also, on FB group Livingword International Ministry ***************************************** **** Model S3 Show Up-Speak Out-Share It! TM. *****************************************