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RPM(Remote Patient Monitoring) 🚑🩺Registered Nurse💉Board Certified Case Manager, United States 🇺🇸 Licensed with both US Military🎖 and US College Education. Starting my career as an 18y/o combat medic 🪖and EMT/Paramedic working my way through the ranks to become US RN a CCM and Digital Clinical Biz Dev Entrepreneur Digital Clinical Program implementation Advisor LinkedIn 🅿️ ✳️ Nurse2Tech room 🆓 Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Telehealth and Case Management (CCM,PCM) information Fridays in USA email [email protected] for info ⏩ focused on clinical case managed and digital enhanced engagement for metered and monitored care coordination to foster health management with interventions and link access🔗 for improving outcomes. Proud member of one of the world’s 🌎 largest organization of Professional Board Certified Case Managers 20 years hands on ✍️ experience 🖥 UM RN, QM RN, Geriatric CM, Pop Health- Informatics RN with real life capturing and analyzing medical claims and PBM data for Quality Improvement and Compliance See the website 🔽 learn 💡 Certified Master Trainer/Auditor for California’s DHCS with the launch conversion of and State’s contract compliance of MediCaid/MediCal to Managed Care for Molina Healthcare As a traveling consultant 🛫 Trained call center BPO teams in 🛬Philippines 🇵🇭 🛬Costa Rica 🇨🇷 📊Worked with many of the larger Health Plans and larger and smaller health tech start up’s ⛓Building and launching 🚀 Physician Practice Campaigns for Health Plan Case Management and Quality Improvement and CMS Compliance and STAR 💲Ratings Developed a turn key 🔑 Biz Model for Practice Transformation and Revenue Cycle enhancement providing and contracting RPM and CCM programs. For my life outside of work see my 📺YouTube channel “Ride4Life Fit4life” 🚵🏽 Mtn-biker ⛰ 2-3K feet daily 🚴🏼‍♀️ Gravel biker 1 Century per month ⌚️Fitness Tech geek Garmin Forerunner 965 Garmin Edge 840,Garmin Rally XC 200, Polar H10❤️ 📊 Utilizing and analyzing data daily on myself 💪🏼since wearables began 😎linking data to my PC 🖥 Know your data, stay accountable,stay active and stay fit! Indoor cycling 🚴🏼‍♂️ instructor for 18years teaching classes and introducing students to heart rate monitor watches for guidance. Mostly Polar,Garmin FitBit and iWatch