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Donn King




I’m The Confidence Cultivator. I work with organizations who want their people to speak confidently so they can increase their impact, gain influence, and build their careers. I also work with speakers who want to facilitate stress-free, effective Zoom meetings so they can focus on their messages and forget about the tech. Free cool resources from my links: ✨Communication is connection. In fact, I am known for the slogan "Connection 🔌 before content." It's not that your content doesn't matter. It's that without the connection, the content won't matter. My job is to help professionals and leaders connect effectively with their own audiences. Technology is just a tool. When we use the tool skillfully, we can forget about it and focus on serving those who need our message. I talk about: 💬Communication 🎤Speaking 💻Virtual Speaking ✒️Writing 🧘🏼‍♂️Meditation Also connecting with: ✨ Parents of children with disabilities ✨ People struggling with their faith journey I'm a speaker, trainer, pastor, writer, and college professor who loves helping people figure out their unique message and express it effectively. 🔥Connect with me on ✔️LinkedIn: Get free 🔑 Six Keys to Communication Confidence here: 👉