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Donna Rice




Join our Webinar next week. See the link below. ❤️🧠💰My purpose is to educate people on matters of the heart, mind and money so that they are able to unlock their own life purpose and add value to others. Solo Mom Humanitarian Servant Leader Serial Entrepreneur Financial Literacy Educator Past Corporate Exec Workaholic 🧠❤️ Matters of the head and of the heart. Passionate about all things people, especially youth. Emotion science is my thing. “Each one help one make the world a better place”. Showing up as our best self. 🔥Certified in Applied Positive Psychology 🔥EIQ-2 Certified 🔥Senior Advisor, EIQ-2 Center 🔥Certified Coach, Trainer, Speaker with the John Maxwell Team 🔥Certified DISC Trainer 🔥President’s Advisory Council - Youth Leadership Programs John Maxwell Team