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Hospitality Veteran. 🏩 Artist. 📸 Entrepreneur. 💪🏽 Father to Frankie. 👧🏽 Hubby to Emily. 👩🏻‍🌾 🎙Your Friendly Neighborhood Clubhouse Host, Co-Host and Moderator. Want me to moderate your room? Let me know🎙 📱 Get the most out of your Clubhouse experience: https://www.The📱 The Entrepreneurs’ Lab Leadership Team @kacibrown @jorgevasquez @shannonbusse @ruthiemarketing Co-Founder of The Mamones LLC | THE photography studio serving a curated list of clients from Dallas to destinations around the world by creating stunning visuals and creating an exceptional experience! As a relationship marketer, speaker, educator coach and catalyst, I'm dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs succeed by employing his proven tactics to create “The Maya Angelou Effect” differentiating you from your competition and identifying you as the market leader in your industry and discipline! 🧬 Create a unique brand that shares your identity and culture with your ideal audience 📢 Craft marketing messages in your chosen voice that serves as a beacon and a filter to ensure they are well aligned with your core values. 🥇 Become the trusted authority that they want to work with because they know you can solve their problems. 🥰 Create an experience that ensures loyalty and championing from clients and brand fans alike. 🥷 Welcome to the People First Then Profit Revolution!