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Donnie Maclurcan




Helping communities & organizations build bridges to a world beyond capitalism 🦋🌍. Weaving @ Post Growth Institute: ♻️ Co-creator of: 🧩 💸 🪴 🌀 #postgrowth Passionate about: ⛓ Where decolonization meets innovation 💥 Effective ways to dismantle patriarchy ➿ Applied sociocracy 🔠 The power of asset-based framing ♾ Bringing ‘lean’ to not-for-profits 🎭 Improv games for virtual and in-person facilitation ☯️ Somatic exploration of the deep psyche 🥣 What happens when a chocolate, zucchini muffin meets warm oatmeal 📣 Published in The Guardian, Salon, Fast Company, The Sydney Morning Herald. Fun fact: spent 67 days 🏃across Australia 🦘in the summer of 2002, for the Fred Hollows Foundation 👁. 👤He/him. 👣 Aussie (born on Gammeraygal land) inhabiting unceded lands in Buenos Aires. ✨ For collaboration or consultancy: 📧 [email protected] 🙋‍♂️