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Don Baarns




Guest on "Audiobook Narrators Assemble" in the "Audiobooks" house by Ana Clements. (Jan 3rd, 2024) Voice Recording Pro, Coach, Audio Tech Expert to thousands, from startup to pro (those with over 1,000 audiobooks). Tech coach with a focus on performance mindset. Audiobook/VO production expert, from Detroit area, learned to cut master records, moved to Los Angeles for music/recording over 40 years ago. Father of 5 adult children. Building new recording spaces. Working on dog training (mine ONLY!) Pickleball student, 5+ cats (Baarns attracts animals.) Always learning, growing, coaching, helping others make the most of their audio, so the tech fades into the background. Started multiple FB groups (and admin growing groups) with over 25,000 members: Host a weekly YouTube "Ask Us Anything" with Johnny Heller: