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Don Enrique




Real-estate investor since 1968 50+ years creating financial solutions for: Nonprofits Women in business Homebuyers Small business owners MY MISSION: Ever since I read a study on issues impacting women, immigrants, and disenfranchised communities in the USA, I align myself with nonprofits to develop the relationships and market strategies needed to empower these communities towards a more secure and sustainable future. 💲If you’re looking to increase cash flow for your nonprofit, contact me. ♥️ If you’re a business owner or nonprofit looking to give back, contact me. 👀 If you’re looking to raise awareness for your nonprofit's cause, contact me. 💪If you’re looking to expand the power of your nonprofit’s mission, contact me. 🏘️ If you’re looking to acquire real-estate for your nonprofit’s operations, contact me. STEPS TO CONNECT: Email (preferred): [email protected] cell 626-627-6651 Clubhouse Room: Sister Stacy Hels the Homeless ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: 🧠 Expert in: Tax, real-estate, and Income projections & risk evaluation Hard money and conventional loans $corphelp1 LANGUAGES: English/Spanish