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Yusuf Syaid




🏕Curiosity leads to Adventure 🌊🌏 💡Inventor 💰Entrepreneur 🚧 Systems Engineer 🤓 Mentor 📣 Ode Muse (Want a Poem/Ode to U? Ask!) 🛠 Product Technical Advisor for 🇮🇩 Indonesian Startups since 2016 😎 Need Tech Advisor? Just ask👍 ⚙️ 🇦🇺Aussie Techie since 1998 🚀 BitClout: @DodgyTechie 🛵 Introduced RFiD tech to 🇮🇩GOJEK 🛵 Smart chip 2m GOJEK 🧥’s and 🪖’s. 🎥 1st investor & Subtitled 🇮🇩 movie “A Man Called Ahok” Connect: 💻 🃏 Design Impactful Solutions for Land, Marine & Air technologies ⚙️There are so many SW Engineers but not enough Hardware Techies, 🔭 Scope: Electronics Hardware for your PoC / MVP / Product. 🌟quotes 🌟 🗑Refill not Landfill♻️ 😸The time we have is not free. But it is free for us to give. 🛰🚀An adventurer looking for the next.🛶 🙏We do then hope, not just hope 💎There is only one of you on this planet so your dreams and goals are precious, more so than diamonds 💎 So look after them, if there is an obstacle in the way, go around it or go through it. 😁Discipline = Wisdom 🌟 ENFP 🇦🇺Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!🇦🇺 Worn many hats in the past: Defence, Health, IT, Hydrography, Drones, Retail, Industrial 😸Past ideas been implemented:😸 RFID in GOJEK Jackets & Helmets - 2M RFID Tags Project FACEOFF 2019 Designed Indonesia’s first Bluetooth Motor Helmet. All Electronics designed locally, Plastic Case locally designed OPA system - Fatigue monitoring system deployed on a minesite. Using wearables on truck operators Museum BIN - Facial Recognition system - candid self learning cameras installed. Museum officially reopened by the President of Indonesia Executive Producer of the movie “A Man Called Ahok” First investor, did the subtitles. Won 5 Awards at IBOMA 2019 Converting ships of interest into hydrographic survey vessels. Ready for survey. Performed surveys around the world 🌟😇Being a part of a historical event.😇🌟 When was a kid, read a book about the first two people to dive down to the bottom of the ocean back in 1960. Part of the company to assist the 3rd person ever - Director James Cameron on his historic dive to the depths in 2012 I was walking around the office with the acoustic modems on my shoulders saying: “Yeah, these will take James Cameron to the bottom of the sea” 🌟💎 Btw thanks for reading this far down.. Look at your reflection Take a breath and smile Don’t be too hard on that person Now take that smile And pass it onto someone else 😁😁