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Dr.Omo Okonkwo




🧶Certified Transformational Coach ✨Helping Women Clinicians and Organisations navigate the Leadership Labyrinth ✨ In the U.K. women account for 77% of the workforce yet only occupy on average 35% of leadership position. We have a problem! With my extensive research work , passion and coaching background it’s my mission to help individuals and most importantly *organisations* put behaviour interventions in place so that true diverse and inclusion can occur and more women LEAD .. This is important not just because it’s the right thing to do but lots data shows diverse teams increase performance and increases your bottom line ***************************************** 🔬Passionate About Female Leadership Training , Growth and Development ***************************************** About me 🧸 Mum of 👩‍👦‍👦+🧒🏽 🍏 Certified Success Coach, NLP practitioner & Hypnotherapist 🔬 Award Winning Cosmetic Dentist 📻 Podcast Host 🤓 BSc, BDS, MJDF (RCS) DRD (RCS) MBA (WBS) ❤️Dip Transformational Coaching ( using narrative coaching , cognitive behavioural therapy, NLP and psychotherapy ) Motto in Life: -Your biggest challenge/adversity is simply your greatest calling📱… life is simply demanding you to GROW so GROW -You think problems are the roadblocks to achieving what you want , when in reality they are pathways