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Dr.Leslie Rogers,PsyD




10k card —> Gofundme: Purchase Magazine: “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” — Dr. Leslie Rogers —————————————————- Cashapp: $Lrogers2018 ✳️ moderator Magazine: Facebook: IG: dr.leslierogers Linkedin: ————————————————- Doctor in Psychology/Mental Health Professional. Accepting patients in Durham, NC and Fayetteville, NC. Individual & Group therapy. Psych Testing. Specialty: PTSD/Trauma, Military, Law Enforcement, First Responder, Men. Trauma group (Cognitive Processing Therapy-PTSD), Anger Management group, Mindfulness group. Ages: 7+ (Scheduling: 301-636-0419) CPT Trauma groups in September (Durham & Fayetteville NC, $800.00) Former Psychologist with Veteran’s Administration (VA) Mental Health Talk was established to create ongoing discussions around mental health with a goal of decreasing cultural, society, institutional, and other stigmas. Projects include the Mental health Talk Show, the Mental Health Talk magazine, the Men Suffer Too! campaign and the 2023 Men's retreat. The Mental Health Talk magazine is a publication that seeks to bridge gaps between mental health and medical health. Its’ content allows readers an opportunity to understand the basis of issues surrounding mental health, medical health, and problems and solutions associated with unique populations (e.g., military, law enforcement, men, and children, etc.). Mental Health talk LLC is committed to the wellness of individuals, their families, and the community through creating awareness around prevention, intervention, treatment, literature, and education. Our end goal is to encourage engagement with mental health professionals as a means of addressing untreated mental illness. Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255 Veteran’s Crisis Hotline: 800-273-8255