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DIY Diva’s! 🪑 Are you tired of your old furniture? 🌈 This award winning DIY Diva and Wikihow expert is here to reinvent your life one paint can at a time. Learn new furniture painting tips on my new blog here⤵️ ⤵️Get your paints here 🎨 ⬇️Find me on ALL Social Media channels @Tanglewoodsue 🎤Always looking to collab, co-mod, or be a sparkly podcast guest for you! Here are my favorite things to chat about! ✳️The importance of Creativity in our lives ✳️Handmade small business adventures ✳️Running a physical AND online business ✳️I love to talk TikTok, FB and Youtube ✳️Over 50 and Over-the-Top! TANGLEWOOD SUE Paint 🎨 Retailer Handmade Small biz Owner 🛍 👩‍🎨Artist & 🛋 Furniture Painter ⚒️ DIYer & Upcycler🌎 📚Storyteller &🤣 Humorist 👩‍🎤 Known for my crazy ByoHo furniture and purple hair Do you want to learn how to reinvent your furniture and home decor instead of buying new? I can teach you how to: 💰Upcycle for pleasure or profit-or both. 💜Find your own unique creative style 🌎Learn to start your own upcycling biz 👩‍💻Find all my tutorials and chalk paint supplies at FACEBOOK: @tanglewoodsue Watch me paint LIVE at 5pm EST Tuesday’s & Thursday’s This is about more than just paint and furniture. It’s about finding an artistic outlet, exploring your own style, breaking through your creative hurdles, finding a community and yes, saving the planet by saving old furniture from landfills. 81222 📍Maryland 🇺🇸USA