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Divya Vithalani




🎤Professional Emcee 🏅Certified Trainer 🎙️Virtual Host /Moderator/ Facilitator 🎧Voice Over Artist 📺Anchor/TV Host ✨Inner Happiness Coach 🗣️Communication Coach 🎤🇮🇳A Professional Emcee for 17 years with a wide range of experience in hosting more than 5000 versatile events across the globe. 📺Bollywood Show Television Anchor for 7years on a very Premium Channel called ROSEBOWL-concept channel for Youth by ACV in Kerala. 🌍🧳Hosted events in more than 32 Counties. -Have Represented India 🇮🇳on the International Platform for TAFI in Israel🇮🇱, Turkey🇹🇷 and Abu Dhabi🇦🇪 🏆Hosted 25,000 Audience both on Stage and Virtually. 🗣️As a Communication Coach I share my secrets,mistakes,hacks and tools that helped me become one of the highest paid Compère in the country today with an intention to ensure every Compère adds Value,Contributes and most importantly enjoys the STAGE! ❤️I support Mental Health as Inner happiness coach and on a missions to spread and excite people on how they can discover their Inner Happiness and LIVE THIS ONE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!! Follow me on my Insta 👇🏻