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I AM TaVon




I am the fullest of the presence of God having a human experience !!! I am here to express the divine love of the prime creator ( God energy )in a human form!!!! I reflect the perfection of Source , and it’s creation through divine inspiration , creation , and awareness with beings throughout the universe !!!!!! Simply I am here to express God consciousness!!!!!! Inspired by plant medicine , and Twin Flame experiences Master Teacher TaVon birthed I AM WE ARE !!!!!!!! I AM PURE LOVE & LIGHT BORN AS A PERFECT REFLECTION OF GOD ( Prime Creator) WE ARE COLLECTIVELY PURE LIGHT & LOVE OF GOD !!! I AM WE ARE creates spiritual synergy with the connecting , and developing of light bearers from across the universe united in the goal of spiritual transformation!!!!!!! Multi-Dimensional Teacher & Healer Ancestral Medium & Healer Life Coach & Spiritual Mentorship Schedule Your session now :