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Rachel Ogan




🌱 Holistic Health & Transformational Specialist 💧 🌹MIND & BODY DETOX EXPERT🌹 💎 I help guide people through their healing journey by detoxing the body, mind and spirit so they can feel a balance and get to the next level in their life. ✨Health Coach & Plant Medicine🌱 ✨Hydration Specialist 💧🧜🏻‍♀️ ✨Embodiment Coach, NLP 🧠 🍄 ✨Somatic Movement Facilitator ✨Kambo 🐸 Detox Practitioner ✨🐸 Peptide Therapy ✨Intuitive Healing ❤️‍🩹 ✨Animal Reiki Practitioner 🐶 ✨Ecstatic Dance Facilitator 💃 ✨Spiritual Entrepreneur 💧🌱 ✨Subconscious Deprograming ✨Private Pilates 🙏 ✨Breathwork & Muscle Testing 💪 ♦️ I assist people through healing subconscious patterns through water memory💧 and change the way neural pathways fire in the brain 🧠 which change the way you think, feel and live! YOUR VIBE ATTRACTS YOUR TRIBE 💎 Manifestation & Business Mindset 💎 💧 @HighVibeWater⚡️💧 💎 I assist people in healing the mind, physical body and spirit through indigenous medicines helping them release past trauma from the body so you can let the past go and get on with your life. After working with me you will no longer feel stuck but will have the skills and tools to move forward. 🧬 💎 Leader in Network Marketing 🚀Assisting People in Changing their lives through Living 💧Water & Organic Superfoods 🌱 💎 I’m passionate about changing peoples lives. 💎 This is an invitation to connect with your higher self and become the most authentic version of you! 🌈You are worthy of living your best life 🙏. If you feel my vibe ask me how. -I have a variety of modalities that I use through years of personal study and self development. 💧Here to assist in the epic consciousness around the world through intuitive movement 🙏🐸✨ 🏝 Based in South Florida! I stay warm🔥 always dancing. -Here to create conscious connections and collaborate 🚀 ✨Always sending out unconditional love 💗 💙 I rise, you rise 💙 ✨If this resonates please connect with me on Ig 👇 Dm me with the word “Healing” if you want a session with me.