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They call me “Image Guru” because Crafting Corporate Images and Celebrities is my day job. Founded PerfectRelations and that’s a story to be told (by someone else) Crisis 🔥 Counselor for Corporates and others on fire 🔥 My Policy Practice 🙏🏼 & my weekly column helps navigate Bureaucrats & Politics And all Things India. Independent Board Member & Mentor to Entrepreneurs Litigation Comms-my below-the-radar bespoke service 📍New Delhi My Personal Clubhouse Rules: 1. I often (no offence here), “Leave Quietly” 2. Also I try being ‘Done Speaking’ 🎬very quickly. You have to ask for more. 3. My absence, doesn’t, mean it’s not dope. Xenophiliac. My 🦹‍♀️”Superpower” is being a synchronicity 🏇 jockey..We may ride together, when the Force conspires! On LinkedIn am: dilip cherian To mail: [email protected] Chat @dilipthecherian on Twitter 📩