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Diane Beck




Mindset and Intuition Coaching for talented, smart people who want to discover the truth of their potential. I help people connect to themselves authentically, offering them deep healing techniques and guidance to emerge into a new world they create for themselves from within. When you know more about yourself at an authentic level, you can heal the aspects that need to align to that truth, shed unwanted behaviour and emotions and express your true potential. The truth is massively impactful. When you understand your own truth and align to it, you can communicate with impact that motivates. I have developed my own way of working that combines years of trainings in many of the trusted self-development and spiritual modalities, (such and NLP and Hypnosis) along with intuitive abilities I have developed and those of my creative past as a professional RADA trained actress with over 20 years in the industry. 🥷🏼Emotion-Ninja! I have discovered some nifty ways to work with emotion. I provide therapy and coaching. Certifications include: NLP Master Practitioner, Master Coach & Master Hypnotist. Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner, Havening Techniques, TFT Master Practitioner and a few more along the way…. 🎬 Then: Rada trained Actress (25yrs>) in Theatre, TV, Film, Radio, Voice Over Artist. 💥Now: Coach and Public Speaker and occasional Trainer. 🗣Speaker at this year’s XX21Summit Inspiring Women in Business 🙌🏻✊🏻 📡 BBC Radio Invited Expert. Appeared in Psychologies Magazine, Marie Clare and various media publications. ♣️ Runs ‘Confidence and Communication Club’ here on Clubhouse: Call our office to book ☎️+44 (0)1619498182. ——————————————- I do love energy work and Magik 🤩 People and Human Potential. Human Design 🧬 Mind and Health Hacks Meditation 🧘‍♀️ Listening and learning 🌱 Manifestation and Law of Attraction I 🤓 on 🧠 the power of the mind, and your potential as an energetic being 👽 Metaphysics 🧬Energy And Quantum Physics, Esoterics 🧙🏻‍♀️! **If it works then I’m interested! FOR FREE NEUROSCIENCE BASED MIND HACKS AND VIDEO GUIDES GOTO MY INSTAGRAM IGTV PAGE ✌🏻Join My Club Confidence and Communication Bottom left 👇🏻 *DM Me to enquire about booking sessions 📞(+44) 01619498182