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Diana Morris




Hello I'm Diana from SC USA. Welcome, come on in and make yourself right at home!😊🏖🏝🏠 I am a RN/Minister/Les Brown Cert. Speaker/Author/Cert. Transformation Coach My mission is to empower Christian women to STAND bold and confident in their purpose so they can have fulfillment in their lives, ministries, and careers while building a legacy.💃🏾👏🏽😍    ✅Wife | Mother | Grandmother                          👪 😍 🎓 ✅  Certified Speaker by Les Brown Renowned Motivational Speaker🎤 🔥 ✅  Minister | Certified in Inner and Physical Healing   ✅ Registered Nurse 33 years – Mental Health| Chronic Disease| Case Manager      🏥   ✅Certified Transformation Coach at Transformation Academy 🔑   ✅CEO and Founder of The Women Empowerment Academy  🎓   ✅  Studied at Walden University | Masters in Nursing Management and Leadership 🎓   ✅ Works at Total Life Changes Independent Business Owner 🎈🎈    ✅  Award-Winning Author of 3 Books  📢🏅🏅  📚    🛑“Oh My God I Married A Devil” A Woman’s Triumph Over Domestic Violence   eBook              softback  on Amazon  💞       🛑“My Praise and Worship Journal” A Devotional of my Personal Commitment to Praise and Worship God On Amazon    🛑The Power of Resilience Book: How to Stand Confident on Gods Promises and Fulfill Your Purpose |         Foreword by Raymond Aaron Chicken Soup for the Soul NY Best Selling Author Publisher | Endorsed by Les Brown 👏🏽😊on Amazon     🔥🔥🔥                                              ✅ Forbes Riley Perfect Pitch Mentee 😁💃🏾 ✅  Educational Tools and opportunities for Women of Faith 🎯   ✅ Coming soon!Christian Women Empowerment Membership Click below to learn more 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 ✅ Connect with me if you enjoy collaborations, conferences, retreats, or if you are an expert or speaker and want to share your gifts.📣🎤🎁🎟🤗