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Diana Lammerts




Trained Journalist 🎙Former Radio Host 🌍 Super Connector ⭐️ PR Pro & Publicist. From meetings with Nobel Peace Prize winner to the Pope to major news media outlet placements or world records. You dream it - together we make it happen. Ads are NOT PR. Providing & educating about Real Public Relations. Helping entrepreneurs increase sales by connecting them with the right people and building up their credibility through press. 🇩🇪 🇺🇸 🎧 Former Radio News Anchor 📓 Trained Journalist 📰 Public Relations 🕸 Networker ✍️ Copywriter ✳️ Pro(Co)Mod. (amongst others the🔥longest running room) Learn to become the hero of your story and master your message to communicate it properly to your clients. I will help you level up your business just DM 💌 me “Real PR” The best funnels and ads are money wasted without a strong and clear message. Stop wasting your money 💰. Do you speak client? Do your clients hear👂what you say 🗣, and do you say what they hear? Never assume; ALWAYS know what they want. You don’t know what you don’t know. Let me help you. They call me the “RESEARCH“ Queen 👑 👩‍💻 Would you like to be featured in the NEWS MEDIA 📰 ? As a trained journalist, I know what my former colleagues want. Do you need creative input for brainstorming your💡ideas? I am game. Fun facts about me: 🇩🇪 I’m native German 🇺🇸🇬🇧 speak English fluently 🇳🇱 and a little Dutch & Spanish 🇪🇸 🍫 I love German chocolate. 🥾You can find me hiking in Las Vegas or 🐎horseback riding in the sea in 🇹🇹. ☕️Let’s meet for a virtual coffee: 📆