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🇧🇧 Welcome to the Astrology Club. Thank you for helping too making us one of the top ten clubs on Clubhouse where have a room Monday thru Friday at 9am. I am a Master Cardologer, Astrologer and Numerologer who uses Metaphysical Science in my practice . I fell in love with cards at 17 through Bid Whist & Spades. You are dealt 13 cards and you play to win. The exact same amount as your life path. Let’s discover and unlock your amazing Life Path with Cards. This Science was used by our ancestors in the pure form, energy. At birth we all have a vibration that we are here to transcend and return to our Pure state. Ask me what is your card? Looking forward to seeing you in my Astrology club. weekdays 10am EST ❤️♣️♦️♠️ ✨I vibrate to the 8♦️ with the K♠️ Mercury. This is a very influential placement and one that will bring you the desires of life when you learn how to unlock the karmas. The Crown line. You will sit in my house maybe twice in a lifetime until then you have me to help you get that check, my career spans decades and I would love to take that journey to the center of the universe the 10♦️ and the most important time in your life. Being a student of Astrology and Numerology I incorporate these sciences in my daily life and practices. Book a consultation with me✨ ✨Follow me on IG@diamonds_eight and listen to dozens of live videos on the cards while you are there. ✨Being a retired Social Service advocate, who uses metaphysics in my practice, and specializing relationship building it’s my passion. I love sharing and Clubhouse has been a great platform for this using the cards for entertainment purposes. Ask me about upcoming classes. Thank you for the follow ✌🏽 ✨Master Cardologer/Astrologer ✨Holistic Nutritionist ✨Certified Master Life Coach ✨Relationship Coach ✨Community Organizer ✨ Published Author ✨ Poet ✨Emmy Award Winner 🔥Black Women Own the Conversation ✳️The Show on Colorism Produced Ozy Follow my YouTube Diamond Dunham ✨for all things Cardology ❤️♣️♦️♠️ Book a reading with me and the Cards. Join our Cardology Club ✨✳️ Join our Astrology Club✨✳️ If you appreciate my work 👇🏼 PayPal [email protected] Venmo diamond157 Cash app $saturn796