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“If there isn’t a seat at the table, I could bring my own chair, but I bring a table & chairs for more.” 📍Chicago ✨I N N E R & O U T E R B E A U T Y✨ CAREER🧢 📚Professional School Counselor 🎓BA in Management 🍏Former Infant/Toddler/Preschool Educator & Director BUSINESS🧢 Owner of Devine Glamour®LLC • Combo Traveling Stylist & Virtual Tutor • 🌻Natural Services🌻 → In-Person & Virtual ← Hair • Makeup • Nails Specialize in Serving All Kinds (Age, Color, Skin Type, Hair Type, Tender Head) INFLUENCER🧢 🌺Mielle Organics Maven Ambassador 2020 🍯Honey Baby Naturals Ambassador 2019 EXPERTISE 💎Helping individuals look, feel, and be their best ✏️Educating without beating around the bush 🧠Knowing when to lead and how to follow VIBES 📖God First 🙏🏽“Lettuce” Pray ✈️Travel 🤤Foodie 🎶Music Listener 🖤Love & Care & Transparency 🔵(PMS293) The Indigo Room 🌸Lead Coordinator of 1st Clubhouse Crawl CH GOALS 👥Network 🫂Build Relationships 🗣Use My Voice 👤Represent JOIN 💭DEVINE INTERVENTION Club (2nd club below) Co-Host: @lucress 💛DEVINE LOUNGE Club (4th club below) ⭐️THE NETWORK JUNKIES Club (5th club below) Co- Admin: @kellyndarling 🚺Admin of WOMXN’S Club (3rd club below) Founder: @xtinaholder 🗓Upcoming CH Rooms: save to your calendar 🔔Tap the bell and follow buttons at the top and choose “Always” ✳️➕Ping me in conversations (big & small) to audit, educate, facilitate, moderate, and more! 💲Only send tips if I have provided value to you CONNECT 👇🏽Everything You Need [sociatap]👇🏽